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Koerner Specialty Tool & Ingredients

Our History

The Koerner Company was founded in 1907 by John E. Koerner, whose aim was to provide his customers with world-class products and service. This remains our guiding principle today.

For the first forty years, we were commodity brokers for food and grain. In 1949, the John E. Koerner Company moved into our first warehouse located at Julia and Magnolia streets in New Orleans.

Adapting to the needs of some diverse industries, the Koerner Company began providing supplies to such customers as Holsum, Sunbeam, Jax & Dixie Beer and soon became known as experts in the grain industry.

In 1957, we introduced the Koerner brand 'Big Chief' flour and followed up with 'Indian Girl' corn flour. These fine products are still among our most popular today.

In 1964, The John E. Koerner Company bought a small bakery distributor named Allstate, expanding both our customer base and our product offering.

Where We Are Now

The John E. Koerner Company Future

Still privately held, the John E. Koerner Company is staffed by a team of professionals dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Koerner Vision.

We continue to be pioneers for new products for our customers and for ourselves.

We have up to the second communications among vendors, customers, and staff giving us the ability to service you when it matters most.

We are proud of our past and are prepared for the future.

We invite you to join our success!