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Amoretti Ingredients & Flavors

Our Story

As seen in Pastry Art & Design magazine: Now and then a hardworking visionary comes along and defines the goals and standards of an entire generation. Among pastry ingredient manufacturers, Amoretti® is that company, and Jack Barsoumian, master creator (CEO), his wife Maral (Marketing President), and brother Ara (Manufacturing President), are the people behind it.

With an international reach and appeal, Amoretti supplies renowned pâtisseries, chocolatiers, ice creameries, five star hotels, restaurants, gourmet coffee chains, Fortune 500 industrial bakeries, and royal palaces throughout the world.

According to Barsoumian, "These ingredients were created not for profit, but for perfection." With that philosophy at hand, Barsoumian created over one thousand uncompromised ingredient masterpieces in less than a decade, as he calls it, "from 1 to 1,000 in less than 10 years"–a feat that no one else can claim, given that he is self made and self educated in this field.

"My Mom did not give me any recipes," he says and smiles. Armed with organic chemistry and cell molecular biology, the twice National Dean's list holder says, "it’s more art than science".

Our product offering currently includes nearly 2,000 pastry, savory, and beverage ingredients each bearing the hallmarks of an Amoretti product: premium ingredients, brilliant flavor, freshness, and consistency.

Welcome to the world of Amoretti®!