2012 National Showpiece Championship Captains

Pastry Live is proud to announce the team captains for the 2012 National Showpiece Championship. After careful consideration, eight teams of two chefs have been chosen to compete on the morning of Sunday, August 5th, 2012. Each team will choose from either chocolate or sugar to showcase their innovation and talent while competing for the title of National Showpiece Champions. Among some of the top pastry chefs in the country, here are the team captains selected to compete:

  • Brian Donaghy, The Criollo Group LLC, Buffalo, NY
  • Daniel Keadle, Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, TX
  • Geoffrey Blount, Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC
  • Gonzalo Jimenez, Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA
  • Joshua Cain, The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, NC
  • Michelle Garcia, The Bleeding Heart Bakery, Chicago, IL
  • Theresa Gwizdaloski, RICK Moonen’s RM Seafood, Las Vegas, NV
  • Oscar Ortega, Atelier Ortega

Pastry Live, August 3-5 2012

Save the date!

Pastry Live 2012 will be held August 3, 4, and 5 at The Retreat at Perimeter Summit in Atlanta, GA.

The price: $50 for all 3 days or $25 per day.
For students it’s $30 for all 3 days or $15 per day.

Stay tuned for more information. Follow our twitter feed for up to the minute news and annoucements.

Photos from Pastry Live Weekend 2011

of the Year
The Art of CakeNational Showpiece Championship

There are hundreds of photos on our Flickr Page, be sure to take a look!

2011 Competition Winners!

After three amazing days, Pastry Live Weekend 2011 has come to an end. Pastry Chefs from all over the country joined together to celebrate the art of pastry sculpture. While we’re preparing photos and videos of the event, it is our pleasure to announce the winners of the competitions:

Showpiece Championship

Most Excellent Showpiece -  Andy Chlebana and Nancy CareyWe proudly announce The National Showpiece Champions,

Andy Chlebana and Nancy Carey

(click the image for a better view)

Name of Showpiece: Theobroma Cacao ‘Geastrum’
“Given the innovative format and criterion set forth for the competition we approached our piece’s conception in an unconventional manner; beginning without a narrative theme but rather, focusing on the development of formal and structural strengths. (more…)

Best Chocolate - Team Chlebana/CareyBest Chocolate Showpiece
Team Chlebana/Carey
click the image for a better view


Best Sugar - Team Hurlbert/CapperBest Sugar Showpiece
Team Hurlbert/Capper
click the image for a better view
“The Abyss” was inspired by the last unexplored frontier, the ocean deep…(more)

Competitors Choice - Team DeWitt/SmoakeCompetitor’s Choice Award
Team DeWitt/Smoake
click the image for a better view
The inspiration for our Showpiece, Smoake on the Water began 60 days ago…(more)

Audience Choice - Team Mullaney/RamirezAudience Choice Award:
Team Mullaney/Ramirez
click the image for a better view
“Playing in the Fountain”: A chocolate centerpiece that was designed to be… (more)

Team Mora/Rueda 
Team Mora/Rueda
click the image for a better view
“Thor” – Man has always been dominated since… (more)

Chocolatier of the Year (Bon Bon Competition)

1st: Lionel Clement of Nuubia Chocolat
2nd: Frederic Loraschi of Chocolat Frederic Loraschi
3rd: David Ramirez of Cocoa Latte
Audience Choice: David Ramirez of Cocoa Latte
(photos on the competition’s page)

Art of Cake Challenge

1st: Katharina Craine of Sugarplum Visions
2nd: Ramona Oskirka
3rd: Shelley DeLisle of Bliss
(photos on the competition’s page)

Student Chocolate Challenge

1st: Elizabeth Rollor
2nd: Breanna Kinkead
3rd: Jennifer Tyler
(photos on the competition’s page)

Pastry Live 2011Congratulations competitors!