National Showpiece Championship

The Pastry Live Showpiece Championship is conducted before judges who are among the nation’s most accomplished pastry chefs. Eight teams of two chefs choose either chocolate or sugar as their showpiece medium. The winning showpiece will earn its team the title of National Showpiece Champions.

To qualify for the competition, each team leader must have received either a medal or best in show at a major pastry competition or qualify in other ways. Teams are then given six (6) hours in which to prepare their competition entry and have a chance to win a share of cash and prizes.
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The Art of Cake

A Cake Competition that emphasizes the artistry of sculptured cakes. It is led by Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery ( and Chef Susan Notter. Contestants must qualify to participate (professional chef or registered business owners only).
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Chocolatier of the Year

Chocolatiers and owners of chocolate shops bring in two types of chocolate sold in their shop. The chocolates are judged on taste and appearance.
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Signature Plated Dessert Competition

Pastry chefs from restaurants across the nation will create and present eight plates of just one dessert that best represents their signature culinary style. Not only will these talented chefs be featured, but the restaurants they represent will also be highlighted and promoted.
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Pastry Atlanta

Pastry Atlanta features the city’s finest pastry chefs from area restaurants, bakeries, hotels and more. Each will share samples of their best desserts and pastries with our audience in hopes of winning one of Pastry Live’s “Atlanta’s Best” awards. Promoting Atlanta’s thriving pastry scene to both regional and national audiences, Pastry Atlanta highlights local chefs while helping to build the pastry community at the same time.
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Student Chocolate Challenge

The Student Chocolate Challenge offers students the opportunity to experience the world of competitions, while allowing schools to come together in a friendly, competitive environment. Current baking and pastry students from schools across the country are asked to create and present chocolate showpieces exhibiting their creativity and talents. Showpieces are critiqued based on the overall artistic appeal and originality of the finished work, as well as the amount of technique and skill displayed.
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