Laura Pfeiffer

Laura PfeifferCorporate Pastry Chef, ABS & Taylor Ent.

Laura is alum of the French Pastry School in Chicago, IL. Upon graduation, Laura ventured to Kansas City, MO where she explored her passion for hand crafted chocolate as a chocolatier at Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates. Returning to Chicago, Laura entered the frozen dessert world with PreGel America, traveling throughout the mid-west, educating and training on gelato production, theory, and recipe development.

Today Laura is the Corporate Chef at ABS & Taylor Ent., providing hands on training on all equipment, demonstrating production and equipment maintenance, as well as recipe development and gelato training classes at the ABS & Taylor Ent. test kitchen.

Gabriele Riva

Gabriele RivaGabriele Riva entered the world of pastry as an adolescent assisting in his father’s pastry shop. He was exposed to the fundamentals of traditional Italian pastries. Coinciding with the time spent working for his father, Gabriele began studying Kung Fu, a Chinese martial art, which influenced his approach to pastry. He found a parallel connection between the two disciplines; as a martial artist, he brought precision and discipline to his craft. After learning the classic techniques implemented in his father’s shop, Gabriele sought professional training at C.A.S.T. Alimenti Pastry School in Brescia, Italy. Here, he was exposed to the contemporary techniques of pastry preparations and production.

Upon the completion of his studies in Brescia, his professional employment commenced at Pasticceria Piave. The pastry chef and owner, Silvano Lullini was recognized as one of the best traditionally trained pastry chefs within the city of Milan.Continue reading