2014 Seminar: Sensorial Workshop


Led By Chef Stephan Iten
Sponsored by Swiss Chalet Fine Foods

Sensorial Workshop: Use all your senses to explore the variety of aromas and follow the journey of cacao from the bean through refining to Grand Cru chocolate at Felchlin Switzerland.

Stephan Iten, corporate Pastry Chef at Felchlin Switzerland, is pleased to present a work shop about sensorial chocolate tasting.

Use your senses to explore the different characteristics of Grand Cru chocolate. Receive background information about cacao and sustainability, harvest and post-harvest handling as well as the processing of noble-grade cacao beans.

Aerea__01_42Stephan Iten Chocolate Dessert

2014 Seminar: Contemporary Desserts

Chef Jimmy MacMillan

Contemporary Restaurant Desserts by Chef Jimmy MacMillan

Creating Value while Saving on Ingredient Cost

Sponsored by deZaan Gourmet Chocolates

Pastry Live is excited to host highly-acclaimed Pastry Chef Jimmy MacMillan. Chef MacMillan will demonstrate his contemporary restaurant desserts, “Cashew Intense Custard” and “Hazelnut Triple Chocolate Cake”. Chef MacMillan has won numerous awards including Top Ten Pastry Chef in America and produces the Emmy® Award-winning video series that spotlights top pastry chefs from all over the country.


2014 Seminar: Expanding Your Creativity

Led By Michael Joy, Founder of the Chicago School of Mold Making

Michael Joy, artist and owner of The Chicago School of Mold Making, will be giving a presentation about expanding your creativity. Usually associated with his mold-making skills, Michael will break from the mold and discuss methods for chefs to develop their creativity far beyond looking at other chefs’ work for inspiration. This presentation is loaded with pictures and fascinating stories outlining his unusual journey from fine arts to culinary arts and back again.

See Michael’s artwork at MichaelJoyArt.com