Molly Rothermel

Molly Rothermel

Norman Love Confections

Molly grew up in a small suburban town of Palmyra Pennsylvania, her love for the foodservice industry started to grow at a very young age!

Her grandfather owned Glaubers fine chocolates, a chocolate and candy business in the baltimore, lutherville areas in Maryland. It was a family run business since 1876. Unfortunately the business was sold in 2002 but still is running today! Molly grew up running around the small chocolate factory in the basement of her grandfathers house. Sneaking tastes of caramels running through the enrober, watching workers make turtles, bark and homemade fudge!

Once she made it to high school, she started working in restaurants from the ground up! Starting with bussing tables, washing dishes, to gradually learning how to man all of the stations in the kitchen. She worked in places like The Hotel hershey, the Hershey golf collection, Trattoria Fratellis of Lebanon PA and attending the Lebanon county technical center for culinary arts during her senior year of High school.

After high school she went on the continue her education at the Pennsylvania school for Culinary arts, located in Lancaster PA. Where she studied basking and pastry arts under current party arts director Susan Notter. Before completing the Pastry course, she had to go on an externship, where her love and interest for chocolate began to blossom. She found Norman Love confections in Fort Myers Florida, and applied. She got the job, and moved the 1,300 miles down there from Pennsylvania. It has been nearly 4 years now, and she has become one of the handful of chocolatiers that work in the factory, pumping out the millions upon millions of colorful chocolates that they produce each year! She has done nearly every position, working events, teaching classes, making all of the handmade chocolate decorations used for all of the pastries and helping to produce the large amount of chocolates and confections that the business demands.

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