2012 Winners

The National Showpiece Championship:

Piece By Daniel Keadle & Craig ChamberlainBest Overall Showpiece/Most Excellent Showpiece:
Best Chocolate Showpiece:
Team Captain Daniel Keadle
& Craig Chamberlain


Piece by Gonzalo Jimenez & David LewisBest Artistry:
Team Captain Gonzalo Jimenez
& David Lewis


Piece by Oscar Ortega & Alejandro LechugaBest Sugar Showpiece:
Audience Choice Award:
Team Captain Oscar Ortega
& Alejandro Lechuga


Piece By Joshua Cain & Sheldon MillettCompetitor’s Choice Award:
Team Captain Joshua Cain
& Sheldon Millett


The Art of Cake 2012

1st Place Cake by Dawn Joy StoikaFirst Place:
Dawn Joy Stoika
Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

2nd Place Cake by Dawn DavisSecond Place:
Dawn Davis
Dawn Bakes Cakes

3rd Place Cake by Valentin GarciaThird Place:
Valentin Garcia
The Bleeding Heart Bakery

Chocolatier of the Year 2012

1st Place Chocolatier, Jermoe Jacob1st Place and Pastry Live’s Chocolatier of the Year:
Jerome Jacob
of Bellagio Resort Hotel and Casino

2nd Place Chocolatier, Melissa Coppel 2nd Place:
People’s Choice Award:
Melissa Coppel
of Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolates

3rd Place Chocolatier, Frederic Loraschi3rd Place:
Frederic Loraschi

2012 Signature Plated Dessert

1st Place, James SatterwhiteFirst Place:
James Satterwhite
Charlotte Country Club

2nd Place, Amanda ParkerSecond Place:
Amanda Parker
Villa Christina

3rd Place, Leslie DavisThird Place:
Leslie Davis
CocoFlow Chocolate Café

Stay tuned for pictures! They are being sorted and will be released shortly.

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