Welcome to Pastry Live 2011

The first Pastry Live weekend was hosted in Atlanta, Georgia on August 26 through 28th, 2011. Pastry Chefs from all over the country joined together to celebrate the art of pastry sculpture at The Retreat at Perimeter Summit. The three two-day seminars were taught by masters in their field Stéphane Tréand MOF, Jean-Marie Auboine, Susan Notter and Karen Portaleo, sharing their expertise and knowledge. August 28, attendees were entertained with a multitude of competitions, the main attraction bringing together some of America’s best pastry chefs to show their sugar and chocolate skills in the The National Showpiece Championship.

The National Showpiece Championship is about new designs, new techniques, and new ideas. The intention is to create a more level playing field for chefs to compete. Provisions have been put into place to reduce the financial burden of competing and to restrict heavy investments into specialty tools and equipment.

At this level of competition, rules should not stifle creative development and expression, but rather establish a spirit that guides the actions of the competitors. It is not a casting challenge; hand skills and new ways of manipulating molds or casting are expected. This competition hopes to provide a unique opportunity for pastry chefs to highlight their skills, creativity and innovation.

There is no theme and few limits, read more here…

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